Construction Photography and Video by Lypowy Studio

  From breaking ground to interior finishing, Lypowy Studio will document the important phases of your construction project. Documentary style videos may also be included to produce a creative marketing tool for your website and other social media outlets.

When documenting a job site prior to the start of construction, a professional third party with experience and technical skills is essential in avoiding costly litigation. Having a properly documented job site with pre-construction video and photography will enable you to resolve a dispute before it escalates to legal action.

The contractor is the one blamed and often is held responsible for damage that existed before construction. The best way to avoid unnecessary disputes and lost time is clear documentation using video and/or photography.

Our team has years of experience working with general contractors, municipalities, and other companies. Inspection videos we have produced have saved our customers much money in repairs to roads, sidewalks, culverts, and landscaping.

Pre-Construction Video & Photography as a Legal Defense

The best insurance policy you can have is a pre-construction video that details the conditions of the worksite and all access areas prior to construction. In most all cases, having a pre-con video or photographs puts a quick stop to unfair legal action.

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