Besides United States Passport Photos, Lypowy Studio is capable of delivering photos matching the specification requirements of virtually any country.We have many clients from Canada and the UK that come to us for their passport photos. Don’t waste your time running around in circles trying to find someone to match the requirements for your specific countries passport photo requirements. Before taking any photographs, we research your countries photo specifications to make sure they are right.  US and equivalent photos are done while you wait. Other countries other than the standard US require coming back to pick up because they are custom made. We can also mail the finished prints to you if desired for a nominal fee. We suggest making an appointment for foreign photos.

  • US Passport, Visa, Immigration & ID
  • Foreign and International Passport Photos including; Canadian, UK, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, India, European & all other countries
  • Special photos for various ID’s, Applications & Licenses


“I have been to numerous places over the last two months trying
to have my photos done for my Canadian Passport, this week I
finally found a professional photographer who did them for me
and did them right. Thank you Mr. Lypowy!” – Sylvie Chartre Paul

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